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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mini Dogs, Chilli Fries & Strawberry Shakes

Sorry to bring down the tone here.. Perhaps not the finest culinary delight but these dogs sure were mini, and trashy food was entirely the point, to go with an afternoon of Gossip Girl viewing. Chilli Fries (oven baked, just with olive oil & chilli salt sprinkled over) were too spicy for some but the homemade faux aioli (roasted garlic, sour cream, lemon juice, salt) always goes down a treat with these guests I guess and saved the day/their tastebuds from burning too much. I don't know that I'd actually ever "cooked" hot dog sausages before, they're generally just something served up at kids parties and not something I think about. The only instructions being to "heat in warm water" is a little disturbing I think. But on with the show. The mini, delicious, show..
Those mini "bake at home" rolls from woolworths are such an excellent size for these. I suppose one thing I could be happy about is the shakes, which although unimpressive skill wise, were tasty as hell, made of purely blended strawberries and icecream. A++ would make again.
9th January 2009.

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