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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Retro Betty's

Dear Retro Betty's,

I've tried. I keep going back to you out of a lingering nostalgia, a fading love for the Bistro burger and a vague sense of pity. No more.

Tonight I had a sloppy burger, with a dry patty about 3mm thick, way too much sauce and a bunch of sandy cos lettuce. On the side we had some soggy, waaaay oversalted chips.

How did you manage to have more dirty tables than tables with diners?

Why would you think that printing some hideous, laminated 'blog' would be an adequate response to Jus Burgers?

Why did you get rid of the booths?

Why are the walls purple, save for a yellow patch with random phrases on it?

Why have those blockmounts been perched on top on the seats for the last four or five years? Is it that hard to hang them on the wall?

Why have you not reprinted (let alone updated) your menus in four or five years?

I want you to be good!


Matt C.

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  1. haha you should actually send this. & mention that we really only went there because jus was too busy to take any more orders! aw poor bettys, i want them to be good too :(

  2. Did they get that bad? I guess it is fast food and you can't expect too much from them. I never thought the food was that good, except for the chips and milkshakes.

    No menu update? Same goes with the moon right? Seems like no one is creative enough to update or can't be stuffed. It ain't exactly a 5 star restaurant.

  3. true it ain't a 5 star restaurant but noone is asking it to be! just making it an even slightly pleasant place to be in would be enough, it was pretty gross.

  4. The decor was never good in RB (those stupid posters on the wall mainly), so a run-down version is bound to suck.

    ps. Matt's review of Ria on Urbanspoon, have to agree about the sticky duck. You get used to shitty oversweet versions of that dish, but they nailed it as something classy.. which made it more of a triumph. Also, Ria have been taking bookings since the start of this year, of 3 attempts to book on the day we've only got in once. We called at 4pm and they only had a table available at 830pm (in the meantime we Top Chef-ed it to the max).

  5. This place is complete rubbish now.

    I really don't like to be so harsh on a place that I used to love, but about resting on your laurels. I thought they'd pick up the pace a bit when Jus Burgers open but they still don't give much of a fuck.

    The service is absolutely TERRIBLE as well.

  6. man way to NAIL it cowgill. i can't believe how bad it's got and i welcome the pizza shop takeover.

    i secretly think that it went downhill because bridget left! it started to happen immediately after she quit and they began basically hiring children who don't care about anything. she used to go wayyy above and beyond to make sure that place was clean and that everything was prepared nicely!

    also the formerly burger-obsessed owner had children, moved to tassie and stopped caring about the place. in the last year, staffed by surly babies, it has ROCKETED into the ground.

    FUCK you retro betty's.

  7. i did not mean to make a pun about "rocket." that stuff tastes like piss!

  8. pizza place? I was not aware of this!

    Yeah, it sucks.