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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Prosciutto and Fig and Chevre, oh my!

Not much cooking went on with this but it was tasty so I say it counts. I should mention this was inspired by an awesome salad at Cantina a couple of months ago.

Onto the (West End Deli baguette, the king of the breads) sliced bread went:
1. homemade fig jam
2. some layers of prosciutto
3. small yet expensive amount of crumbled chevre
4. a mint leaf
5. candied prosciutto

For the candied prosciutto, fry strips in some oil & butter until they are all buckled and crispy and "rich mahogany" in colour, according to the recipe I vaguely went from and then leave to cool completely. While thats cooling, make a simple sugar syrup and let that cool a bit, then dip the crunchy (caution: fragile!) prosciutto in the syrup and then heat with a kitchen blow torch until its seems caramelly and almost golden. Be careful not to get the flame too close or direct onto any unsugared prosciutto or it will burn and that is no fun. Let it cool, not on paper towel, until crisp again.

(starter for dinner, 29/3/09)


  1. Candied bacon/prosciutto/pancetta is the best thing ever. Also, chevre is the bomb. Good job dudes!