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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hello internet! It has been a while.

Since we last posted, we've moved to Melbourne! Well, I've moved to Melbourne (I'm Matt; hi). Soda is moving in a few days.

I think this blog will continue, but will be less about things we've cooked and eaten in Perth, and more about things we've cooked and eaten in Melbourne. Makes sense, really.

I've already started to eat my way around this city. The highlights of January were Cumulus, Inc., Rumi (twice), Cafe Vue, MoVida, Auction Rooms (a million times), the bratwurst and borek shops at the Queen Vic Market and Gigibaba.

Expect to see the same shoddy iPhone photography and tediously overworked prose you've become wearily accustomed to, only this time applied to the restaurants of a whole new city! A city with a million food bloggers who have already blogged about every last cafe, milk bar, soup stand, izakaya and laneway pop-up restaurant!

I'm not quite sure what I'll contribute by adding my voice to the thronging virtual masses of Melburnians yelling across each other about the latest developments in Andrew McConnell's career (dude is KING of this city, apparently). I'll give it a go anyway. Also we will keep cooking things and posting about things we cook, in another startlingly original contribution to the weblog genre.

Hope you'll still be interested in reading!


  1. Yay. I for one am all for this development, Cowgillz!

  2. Great. Not only are all my friends moving to Melbourne but now my local bloggers are too.

    Not jealous, I swear. Nuh-uh.

  3. as i'm sure you're aware, i'm a big fan of your "tediously overworked prose" so i'm looking forward to reports on melbourne food and the like :)

  4. Looking forward to reading your tediously overworked prose in relation to Melbourne restaurants

  5. Looking forward to hearing your views n the Melb dining scene and keeping up with your (food) news!

  6. Ooohh. I'm disappointed that it's one less Perth blogger on the scene. I loved reading about your Perth food adventures! Good luck in Melbourne though - luckily I head over that way once every 18 months or so, so I should get to try out some of your recommendations :)

  7. PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Find Melbourne's best porridge.