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Friday, January 23, 2009

Brioche! (with Lemon Butter)

Today I have conquered my #2 Kitchen Fear, yeast! (Number one was egg whites.)

I don't recall where exactly I got this recipe from, but it was named 'Simple Brioche Loaf' and aside from the amount of flour seeming waaaay too low (I ended up adding almost an extra cup), it stayed true to its name. I'm not going to repeat the recipe here, mostly because I can't be bothered. Maybe has not risen as much as it should (is that due to too much flour?) but still came out fluffy and delicious. Especially fresh out of the oven, spread with some home made lemon butter..
Yeast! You are not as scary as I thought. Thanks science!

Update: on second/third eatings, this is not as fluffy as first thought. Still tasty though and holds together in a toaster so that is good enough for me. Probably should stick to the recipe better next time and maybe it will work better.


  1. this was really nice! did you take photos of the soft boiled eggs with vanilla caramel?

  2. Holy shiz, I like that your lemon butter label matches your webpage thing!
    (Is it called a masthead? I have no idea - sorry I'm not as designy as Vaughan)

  3. yeah soda is basically a genius

  4. Mel, I think it is called being a massive gaylord? Yay!

  5. you should try warm wild berries with cream or ice cream on top. I have that for breakfast sometimes.

  6. HOLY SHIT, LEMON BUTTER! Hi I just remembered that I hadn't RSS'd you guys! What a jerk!