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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crab Capellini

As part of Operation: Cook Food Appropriate for 37c Days I decided to try a simple crab pasta, with fairly middling results.

Sauteed a bit of garlic and some chilli flakes, added some white wine, reduced a little, added pre-cooked crab meat, stirred through some cooked capellini (angel hair pasta), some chopped butter, lemon juice and zest, mint.

This needs a very small amount of chilli in order to avoid overpowering the subtle crab meat, and I failed that particular test. Too much chilli, not enough salt. Also it could do with a more substantial pasta like a linguine in order to have it a bit more al dente for some textural contrast. Still, the concept is good and I'll try this again sometime.

6th January 2009

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